Here is a taste of some of the things you will uncover if you choose to learn Marketing with Heart …


They don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”

Problems 1-rc1

Most people’s marketing materials are coming from their “modality”, their “professional experience”, their “education, training and credentials” and the various “tools in their toolbox” … and I feel this is exactly the wrong way to market oneself or one’s business.

In the beginning, people do not really care at all about those things. They will come in later of course, when a trusting relationship has been created, but in the beginning your “Ideal Client” has a “need” to solve a “problem” and they are out there in the world looking for a “solution” to their “problem”.

Tension 1-rc1What they are experiencing in those moments could be compared to stretching an elastic band creating tension. That tension is emotional in nature and until it is released they will always feel it, consciously or unconsciously, and will search to resolve it.

Even if someone has a sickness or a disease, I believe it is actually the emotional tension they are feeling about the disease that is what they are really wanting to resolve.

And if they “believe” that you can “offer” a real “solution” to their “problem” and you can “meet their need”, and they can then can start to “Know, Like and Trust” you and begin to build a solid and trusting “relationship”… then they will hire you, regardless of your credentials, how many tools you have in your toolbox and regardless of what your rates are.

Marketing with Heart is really about identifying and understanding the “problems, needs or symptoms” of your “Ideal Clients” and what they might be feeling about their “situation” in that moment … and then expressing how through offering your unique “Sacred Gifts”, you can provide a “solution” to their problems, and how they will “feel” about that after they experience your offering.

Most, if not all, people make their buying decisons from emotion rather than intellect, so it will be helpful for you to understand that.


Develop a unique identity that people trust, can rely on and will talk about.”

Stand Out 2-rc1

Most people start their business or exist in a somewhat crowded marketplace full of many other people doing the same thing. Don’t let this scare you as I do not see it as a problem … it is a merely a specific condition that requires a solution in the form of a specific marketing strategy.

Look for a unique identity and a way that you can make yourself “Stand out in the Crowd”. That will require you to go inside yourself and identify not only your natural talents and learned skills, but that which you consider to be your “Sacred Gifts”. 

Voice 1-rc1

You will need to identify your qualities, your way of working, what you like, what you don’t like, the things that really make you different and unique from the others … your “True Voice” and your “True Message” to the World … and most importantly, you will need to identify … 

“That which makes your Heart Sing”

And this most dangerous mission, should you decide to accept it, will lead you to know clearly, what are your unique …  

“Sacred Gifts that you Offer to a World in Need”.


Your Ideal Clients are often an expression of yourself and your qualities.”

Ideal Client 1-rc1
Those of you just starting out in the business world will need to approach this next piece a little differently than those that have the benefit of many years of experience working with many different types of clients, but the process is very much the same.

For those with experience working with clients, I imagine that there were some people that you didn’t like at all … some you liked just a little bit … some you liked a lot … and then there were some people that you really loved working with … people that really brought out the best in you … people that really inspired you to do your absolute best and most creative work.

It is those clients that are your “Ideal Clients” and those are the ones I assume you will want to work exclusively with. And it is there that I suggest you focus your marketing efforts with the intention of attracting only those clients and lots of them.

Your work then will be to identify their qualities and attributes … to really get deep into who they really are and how they live their lives, what they think, feel and believe about things.

And pay attention to what you uncover, particularly if there are there any qualities, traits, beliefs and attributes that you share in common with them.


You are really taking your Ideal Client on a Journey.” 


Journey 1-rc1

To borrow some words from a fellow conscious marketer, Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies, “you are really taking your ideal client on a Journey”. 

And I believe that “Journey” is really from a place of “emotional discomfort” and “feelings of dis-ease” to a place of “emotional comfort” and “feelings of ease” resulting from a “deep knowing” that because they have “directly experienced” a “solution” to their “problem” and their “need” has been successfully “satisfied” and so they “feel” better, and this is what they are really searching for.

With this in mind, the more that you can do to make an emotional connection with your Ideal Client … to clearly identify, connect to and then express the emotions, feelings and fears that they may be experiencing before this most perilous Journey  … and then communicate the emotions, feelings and comfort and that they will experience after the successful outcome of  this Journey …  the more successful you will be in your marketing to them as well as your relationship with them. 


The greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. 

The person who risks nothing does nothing, has nothing, is nothing.

They may avoid suffering and sorrow,

but they cannot learn, feel, change, grow or love.”


Comfort Zona1-rcThis next part is a bit more challenging for most people because it is about taking the information that is uncovered and putting it into action. Being “Out there in the World” and speaking your “True Message” about it.

That is usually much harder for most people to do because it means facing one’s fears about ”taking the risk” to be “authentic and vulnerable” in front of other people.

Most people do not realize that they sobotage their own success in both personal and professional relationships because of their unwillingness to face their fears and take this risk. If they only understood that finding the willingness and the courage to be vulnerable in front of others is the single most quickest and profound way to build Trust and Compassion in relationship with another.

And that happens not at an intellectual level but rather at a deeply intuitive and knowing level and when shared with “authenticity and integrity”, your Ideal Clients will instantly realize that they can Trust you … and that is how I believe that people really make important decisions about who they hire.

And it is because of this deep internal process that I say that “building one’s business and learning to market oneself can be a most profound path of both personal and spiritual growth”.


Relax and Trust that all will work out well, if you follow your Truth.”


Relax 1-rc1Most people wait to do any marketing until they are in “panic mode” with not enough clients to cover their expenses. Hopefully you are ahead of the game because you are here now.

If you are just starting out in your business, if you start now and commit to the process, you will “hit the ground running” by the time you fully launch your business, ensuring your success. 

And, if you are in panic mode, we can certainly work to help you with that as well.

 I hope that you can find a way to Relax and Trust that all will work out well if you follow your Truth.


The Meaning of Life is to find your gifts, the Purpose of Life is to give it away “



There is much more to the process of course and it will be good to realize and understand that there is no “magic pill” here.

It can be an ongoing process of personal discovery as you grow and change personally and your business also grows and you find new and exciting ways to offer your gifts to the world.

And it can also be a lot of fun, if you choose to make it fun.

I would love to offer you the support to coach you through it all and to put it together in a focussed and effective marketing plan.

Please contact me if you would like to know more.

Best of All and Be Well,



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