Yoga en Jardín Botánico de Medellín, Colombia

I was inspired to create this video in October 2011. Inspiration came from all the wonderful souls, many who have limted or no means to pay for Yoga classes and attend these free classes offered every Sunday in Jardín Botánico. It seemed that so many people were wanting and needing this offering, and were really committed, some to the point of doing it on the bare concrete with no yoga mat even !…Inspiring!

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Green Data Center

About Our 100% Green Geothermal Powered Data Center

The mission of MyGreenHosting is to be 100% green. We have made it our number one priority to search for the most “off-the-grid” solution possible and couple it with exceptional customer service so that you get the best of both worlds. With this as our goal, we use geothermal powered servers and offer 100% green service with no compromise.

Important: our data is powered directly by geothermal and hydro-electricity, therefore our data center can honestly claim to be 100% CO2 free! That means your website when hosted with us will reduce the carbon footprint of the Internet.


Our data center is based in Iceland. Situated in the North Atlantic, Iceland occupies a unique position in the data center world. With abundant geothermal and hydroelectric energy sources, this rugged island is the site of the cleanest energy in the world.


Iceland´s geographic location provides an abundance of natural elements. Water is used in super-heated form as steam in geothermal power plants. Wind provides natural cooling.


These are the ideal conditions for data centers. The energy is clean and renewable. Pollution from energy production is non-existent. The carbon footprint is zero. Wind is used to control temperatures inside the data center which further increases efficiency.

Situated midway between Europe and North America, Iceland is in a prime location between the two. As well as saving and reducing carbon footprints, bandwidth usage and network latency are also minimized.

Iceland is connected to the world by three sub-sea cables that function together as single system. They are called FarIce (named after the first two islands on that cable, Iceland and Faroe Islands), DanIce (Denmark-Iceland) and Greenland Connect, which connects Iceland, Greenland and Canada. Utilization on these cables is low and bandwidth is plentiful.



Thor DC containers use an innovative and patented new cooling technology developed by Spain-based AST Modular. These enable Thor DC to operate with a power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio of only 1.07 – probably the lowest on record.


Known as modular natural free cooling, the patented technology uses the naturally cool outside air of the Icelandic climate to maintain the correct operating temperature and humidity level inside the sensitive data storage containers.

This, and the fact that the electricity supplied to the center comes from renewable geothermal or hydropower sources means that Thor DC offers its customers a green data storage environment with zero carbon footprint, while benefiting itself from the ultra-energy efficient ‘natural and free’ cooling technology of the AST Modular concept.


Monitoring and controlling the critical parameters in each data storage container are two ABB AC500 programmable logic controllers (PLCs). These enable the data center to be cooled by free outside air instead of by conventional energy-hungry chillers.

ABB has been providing AST Modular with programmable logic controllers for several years, and has provided PLC solutions for other AST natural free cooling data centers in Australia and Denmark, which have PUE ratios of 1.09 and 1.13 respectively.

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