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BIODANZA – The Poetry of Human Encounter – The Dance of Life !

BIODANZA – The Poetry of Human Encounter – The Dance of Life !
with Belisa Amaro -

Biodanza is a world-wide transformational movement practice that integrates music, movement and authentic connections to expand our capacity to live in the present. Using engaging music from around the world, a weekly practice cultivates joy and aliveness, enriches our relationships, and ignites creative expression.

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Rising Together : Co-Creating a Perma Culture for Humanity

A Community Building and Leadership Workshop

July 3-9, 2018

Väike Jalajälg Intentional Community

Mõisamaa, Märjamaa parish, Estonia.

Information & Registration

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Yoga en Jardín Botánico de Medellín, Colombia

I was inspired to create this video in October 2011. Inspiration came from all the wonderful souls, many who have limted or no means to pay for Yoga classes and attend these free classes offered every Sunday in Jardín Botánico. It seemed that so many people were wanting and needing this offering, and were really committed, some to the point of doing it on the bare concrete with no yoga mat even !…Inspiring!

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