Who is this for ? ... Is this a good fit for you ?

Who is this for ?

You are a Conscious Entrepreneur. You are connected to your Higher Purpose and care deeply about humanity and the planet we live on. You love what you do and want to offer your gifts to help make a better world. You want to be of service in a way that aligns with your soul purpose, is personally fulfilling and socially meaningful.

You are not motivated by the money but you do want to channel your soul purpose into a consistent income. You are aware that money is a form of energy and in this present consciousness and reality that humanity finds itself, attracting abundance and having steady flow of money is one of the ingredients required to have a thriving business and a fulfilling life.

And of course, you are an active advocate of the “Quadruple Bottom Line” business model:

Spiritually Connected - Ecologically Sustainable - Socially Responsible  - Economically Prosperous

Maybe you’re an Accupuncturist, a Reiki Master or an Energy Healer, a Vibrational Therapist, a Body Worker or Massage Therapist.


Perhaps you teach Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi or Chi Qong or Kung Fu.

Maybe you teach Conscious Dance like Five Rythyms, Continuum, Soul Motion, Spirit Weaves, Kundalini Dance, Ecstatic Dance or Biodanza.

Perhaps you are an Holistic Chef and teach Culinary Medicine showcasing the medicinal benefits of curative foods and herbs or you are a Nutritionist or teach eating well to be well with Whole Foods, Raw, Vegetarian or Vegan Diets.

Maybe you are a Life or Wellness Coach, an NLP practitioner or run a Holistic Wellness Centre, Meditation Retreat Centre, a Human Potential Centre or a Yoga School.



Or perhaps you develop or sell Natural, Green, Sustainable, Fair Trade, Organic products and technologies or teach Permaculture Design and Community Building.

You get the idea…


Your marketing experience so far…

Your experience of marketing has been one of high pressure, fear based, hyped up selling tactics. You need more clients and you know you need to market yourself more, but the marketing you have seen really turns you off and so maybe you avoid it because you believe you might need to sell your soul and abandon your values and ethics to do it.

Or maybe you want to learn to market yourself but there is so much information out there and so many ways. You just don’t know what is right for you and you don’t know where to start because it all seems so overwhelming.

You and what you do are Amazing, but not enough people know it. Your efforts so far have been to do what everybody else is doing,.. like maybe spending a lot of money on pretty brochures and posting them on Facebook.

But it’s just not working…you’re struggling with your marketing, not attracting enough clients and not making enough money to really Thrive.


Authenticity is the alignment of your Personality with your Spirit”


This is a good fit for you if…

      • You want to Market yourself with Authenticity and Integrity.

      • You want to Communicate What You Do with Clarity.

      • You want to Motivate your Prospects to Take Action.

      • You want to Consistantly and Sustainably Attract more Clients.

      • You want to Reach Exactly the Clients that you Love to work with.

      • You want to Make more Money and Attract more Abundance.

      • You want to Explore using Video Marketing in your Business.

      • You are ready to Grow yourself and your business Now !


Only one thing has to be remembered: be authentic, be sincere to yourself. Declare your truth, whatsoever the cost. Even if life is risked, risk it, because truth is far more valuable than anything, because truth is true life.” | Osho


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